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Barcode Code-39

Generator Barcode Code-39
What is Code-39

Generator Barcode Code-39 online

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Code-39 - is a linear bar code with which you can encode the digits from 1 to 9, and a few characters such as: ($ -% / + spacebar.) As well as the encoding of large Latin letters from A to Z.
Describe Code39 barcode, you can:
White (free) field; Start character (Start); The encoded information; Verification character (checksum) - optional; Stopping (Stop) symbol; White (free) field. A space separates the characters in the symbol.
The symbols are coded six white and black stripes. Wide strips have a size of between two and three narrow strip widths. Start and Stop characters are the same. Code39 has no reference mark, if you want to increase the reliability of data to be encoded, using a control sign, which is located between the last data mark and the sign «Stop».