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Двумерный штрих код 2D

QR кода
Data Matrix
Aztec Code

The two-dimensional bar code which is encoded in the image larger than the linear code volume information and its decoding is performed in two dimensions. Due to the fact that in the 2D barcode can store a large amount of information, the types of codes are widely used today. Using two-dimensional code, you can create a business card or a link to a website, make ready CMC or E-mail message, specify the parameters of Wi-Fi network to quickly connect to it, to form a payment order, and this is not the limit of possibilities of two-dimensional barcode.
  The technology embedded in the 2D barcode can be used when drawing up not only the numbers and letters, and the letters of the Cyrillic text, as well as characters, this feature greatly expands the range of application of these codes.
  Application of two-dimensional codes is increasing every year, they are used in logistics, medicine, manufacturing, to be applied to goods, etc.
  By the two-dimensional codes include the following types of bar codes:

  1. Matrix codes
  2. Multiple codes
    • Code 49
    • Codabiock
    • Code 16K
    • Ultracode
    • PDF417

The difference between the matrix of the composite bar codes is as follows, the component code of a group of linear bar codes drawn up in several rows one above the other and read it line by line about how the text in the book, the matrix is a bar code is read as a whole and immediately in two directions horizontally and vertically.