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Data Matrix code generator online

Create Data Matrix code with Telephone number

Data Matrix represents a two-dimensional matrix code composed of black-and-white elements or elements with different degree of brightness. Data Matrix code's image may be accomplished in the form of square as well as rectangle. Data Matrix may enclose almost unlimited volume of information. However, with a large amount of encoded information, it will be increased image's size too. It is extremely inconvenient to scan these ones. Also reading device should have much more resolution capability. Therefore, you need to split a large volume of text into smallest ones. Data Matrix code is used for marking an electronics, in automobile/food industry, aerospace and defence industry, power machine building as well as in advertising and entertaining areas. Using a DataMatrix, you could encode text, web links, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and SMS messages.
Here you can - Create Data Matrix code with Telephone number
Business card (Vcard)
E-mail message

Select the type of Datamatrix code

Telephone number
You could place Data Matrix code against a telephone number what will deliver a person from dialling this number and allow to make an outgoing call by image scanning.